Consulting – Specification – Implementation – Verification



Now your products are faster, safer and more successful!

Less Time-to-Market

Now automated GATT server testing with our Gatt Central Test Suite

Simple and fast CE tests with already completed firmware

With BLE SOLUTIONS 3-6 months earlier in the market by subsequent "Over the Air Download" of the firmware!

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Full-Service partner for Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions

Consulting – Specification – Implementation – Verification

BLE-Solutions is a highly focused and innovative company located in Essen/Germany.

We specialize in:

Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions

Individualized – Needs-based – Efficient

We assume all working stages and tasks for you: Individualized, adequate and efficient Full-Service solutions for your company.
  • CoreSpec 4.0 , 4.1 , 4.2 , 5.0

  • Sniff Log Analysis & automatic Decoding

  • End to End Bluetooth Device Testings

  • Spezification & Standardisation of Bluetooth Low Energy Services und Profiles

  • Optimization of BLE Services and theoretical Performance accounting

  • Bluetooth Host Controller Interface Specification

  • Bluetooth Link Layer Specification

  • Bluetooth Security Specification

  • Test specifications for Bluetooth Low Energy solutions

  • Verification of Bluetooth Low Energy solutions

  • Embedded Applications Developement

  • C, C+++

  • TI Stack for CC25xx

  • TI Stack for CC26xx

  • 8051 Architecture

  • ARM Architecture

  • I2C

  • UART

  • HCI over UART

  • IOP Expertise

Key factors for your success

Quality – Transparency – Trust – Efficiency

In our projects, we love quality, which we ensure by:

  • Understandable and readable specifications

  • Agile methodology weekly Builds that you can test, or have us come over to go through it with you

  • Automated End-to-End Tests that we develop while we work on your product

  • Verification and Traceability that ensures that no spec is left behind