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23 11, 2017

Why we use DecoderScript

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You are currently sitting in front of a Snifflog and you have to figure out what each byte means? An application layer protocol can be quite cumbersome to decode. But if you are using Frontline equipment like Frontline SoderaTMLE Wideband Bluetooth®Protocol Analyzer ComProbe® SoderaTM Wideband Bluetooth®Protocol Analyzer ComProbe® NFC Protocol Analyzer ComProbe® 802.11 a/b/g/n Protocol Analyzer ComProbe® SD Protocol [...]

23 11, 2017

Extending the Range of Bluetooth Low Energy

By | 2017-11-23T15:09:27+00:00 November 23rd, 2017|Bluetooth Low Energy|

Bluetooth Low Energy Range with printed PCB Antenna and +5 dBm The question about the range of Bluetooth Low Energy will be detailed in another post, but the actual range in outdoor scenarios is about 25-50 (80 - 160 ft) meters, indoor scenarios with several dry walls in between range at about 17-18 meters (55-60 [...]

6 06, 2017

Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 has arrived. And the CC2640R2F supports it!

By | 2017-11-22T13:23:38+00:00 June 6th, 2017|Bluetooth Low Energy|

As the first manufacturer Texas Instruments has adopted CoreSpec Version 5.0 in their CC2640R2F. Bluetooth 5.0 has two big keyfeatures: Long Range High Speed Mode So how long is long? Quite long, as it turns out. Texas Instruments has reported a stable connection between two CC2640R2F’s over 1.5 km (line of sight, no obstacles, no [...]

4 05, 2017

How to debug a bluetooth low energy application

By | 2017-07-17T15:12:49+00:00 May 4th, 2017|Bluetooth Low Energy, Decoder Scripts, End to End Testing|

This blog post will go through the challenges of debugging bluetooth low energy applications. When I think of accelerating debugging, I always think of making the process more visible, since the first step of debugging is always locating the problem, the part where you figuring the problem out usually comes after that. Given a normal [...]

6 03, 2017

Connection Parameters and their Influence on Data Transmission

By | 2017-07-18T17:26:41+00:00 March 6th, 2017|Bluetooth Low Energy|

As mentioned before in our article „What is Slave Latency?“, there are various parameters that significantly influence the data transfer rate: connInterval minimum and maximum Slave Latency Transmission Window Connection Interval The Connection Interval indicates how often data is exchanged „The Link Layer in the Connection State shall only transmit Data Channel PDUs (see Section [...]

20 02, 2017

What is Slave Latency?

By | 2017-07-18T17:17:04+00:00 February 20th, 2017|Bluetooth Low Energy|

Slave Latency The CoreSpec describes Slave Latency as the amount of ignoreable Connection Events. „Slave latency allows a slave to use a reduced number of connection events. The connSlaveLatency parameter defines the number of consecutive connection events that the slave device is not required to listen for the master.“ [1] Connection Events To understand this, [...]