Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 has arrived. And the CC2640R2F supports it!

As the first manufacturer Texas Instruments has adopted CoreSpec Version 5.0 in their CC2640R2F. Bluetooth 5.0 has two big keyfeatures:

  • Long Range
  • High Speed Mode

So how long is long?

Quite long, as it turns out. Texas Instruments has reported a stable connection between two CC2640R2F’s over 1.5 km (line of sight, no obstacles, no interference). In their tests they described a gain of 5 dBm without the increase of power consumption.

How does this work?

There are generally two ways to increase the range of any wireless connection. You can either increase the signal you send out (which means more power consumption), or you can increase the sensitivity of your receiver. The Bluetooth SIG decided to increase the sensitivity of the receiver by a method called coding. Coding works, by expanding bits. For example:

‘1’ with s=2 would be transmitted as ‘10’ or

‘1’ with s=8 would be transmitted as ‘1’ => ‘10’ => ‘1100 0011’

That gives the receiver a lot more possibilities to decode the bitstream correctly. Which results in the mentioned gain of 5 dBm without the increase of current consumption. But this way of increasing the range also means that the bitrate is reduced from 1 Mb/s to 125 kb/s.

Result? A Bandwith of 125 kb/s over 1.5 km at 9 mA current consumption.

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